Who can resist crispy, warm bread?

Based on the rich Polish bakery tradition, we create mixes for industrial, artisan and HoReCa bakeries. If you want to bake bread that has a clean label, fibers, grains and seeds, or even vegetables, then check out our offer. Our blends are designed with the highest quality in mind. They follow market changes, as they are based on market research and observation of consumer behavior. The offer addressed to bakery includes ready-made mixes for baking bread and rolls, mixes to which only flour and yeast should be added, as well as all the components necessary to make bread dough yourself.

Who can resist crispy, warm bread?


To make sure that the proportions of ingredients, enzymes, flavorings and various grains and vegetables are correctly selected, you can use our baking mixes. You add the right amount of flour, yeast and water. The unique offer are specially selected types of bread, that you can bake with 100% bakery mix. All you need to do, is adding yeast and water, to be sure of baking the perfect loaf of bread.
A perfectly baked cake requires ideally chosen and precisely weighed ingredients. If you want to bake cakes without stress, use our mixes, to which you just add flour, water or milk and oil. A special offer is 100% mixes, to which you add only water or milk and oil.

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