We know the meat industry inside out!

Based on tradition and the latest research on market trends, we create solutions addressed to the meat industry. Our R&D department works on original projects, but also by creating "tailor-made" formulations, it helps customers create new products and solve technical and technological problems. The scope of work includes all types of meat preparations: raw culinary meats, smoked, parboiled or long-ripening meats, homogenized and block products, modern products combining meat with vegetables. We design and manufacture a set of functional and aromatic agents necessary for their production. The offer includes classic components, with a limited amount of E-additives or with a clean label, rich in fiber, with a reduced amount of salt, without phosphates or created according to orders in accordance with special customer guidelines. A team of technologists and customer advisors works in the field, always close to the customer and his production line. Selected recipes after internal tests at the Libra Application Center are subjected to technological tests directly on the customers' production lines.

We know the meat industry inside out!


coatings, flavors
Spices, sprinkles,
coatings, flavors

Product List

  • Injection brines
  • flood brines
  • flavors
  • extracts
  • spices
  • sprinkles
  • for sausages
  • for homogenized products
  • for salami
  • for metts
  • for smoked products
  • for bacon
  • for offal meats
  • for block products
  • for poultry
  • for pâtés
  • for lard
  • flavor enhancers
  • sauces marinades
  • carrageenans
  • phosphates
  • protein fibers
  • emulsifying preparations
  • for cuttering
  • prolonging freshness preparations
  • coloring preparations foodstuffs
  • multifunctional substances

Get inspired

We offer functional preparations for the production of traditional and modern meat products. Our R&D department creates original recipes based on current Polish and global market trends.

Zaprawa Staropolska C
Zaprawa Staropolska C

Coloring preparation for smoked meats containing roasted sugar syrup and smoke flavor. The use of Zaprawa Staropolska C in the production process does not "burden" the label with declarations of E additives. It is microbiologically stable even after application. Different proportions of dilution with water make it possible to obtain different colors of the product. Can be used warm or cold.

Chicken-bean spread
Chicken-bean spread
A modern product interesting in form and taste, combining delicate chicken meat with beans. It contains nutrients derived from meat, as well as protein, in which legumes are rich. Rich in protein, low in calories. Functional agents added to the spread improve the structure of the product, prevent leakage and delamination. The product is ideal for pasteurizing in jars.
Traditional products have been the basis of the Libra assortment for years. Traditional white aromatic sausage, perfectly seasoned with garlic and marjoram. Products of this type are willingly bought all year round. They are a mandatory item on the Easter table as an addition to the sour rye soup. In the barbecue season it is often served baked from the grill.