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Other flavour mixes
ID Product name Dosage Intended use Dominant flavour
0474 Super Taste acc. to GMP natural equivalent of glutamate
204354 Chives With Onion acc. to GMP chives, onion
1015 Peasant Lard 18 g / 1 kg finished product black pepper, onion
0594 Red Pepper Seasoning acc. to GMP sweet peppers, hot pepper, rosemary
211413 Pepper Seasoning acc. to GMP sweet peppers
5444 Seasoning for Pork Fat 17 g / 1 kg stuffing garlic, black pepper, hot pepper
203876 Tomato with Basil acc. to GMP tomato, basil
5879 Roman Meatloaf 8-10 g / 1 kg stuffing onion, black pepper, meat flavour
212694 Pepper acc. to GMP sweet peppers, garlic, smoke flavour
1712 Smoked Sweet Peppers acc. to GMP smoked pepper
0323 Smoked Hot Pepper acc. to GMP smoked hot peppers
201353 Italian Garlic Mix up to 2% in ready - made product garlic, onion, oregano
1221 Pepper-Garlic Mix acc. to GMP max. 90 g / 1 kg garlic, pepper
209328 Mild Mix for Ketchup 1-2% or acc. to GMP coriander, allspice, bay leaf
0321 Grill Mix 7-10 g / 1 kg stuffing garlic, marjoram, pepper
201063 Herbal Garlic Mix acc. to GMP garlic, onion, herbs
0070 Glutasol acc. to GMP glutamate, broth spices
201773 Chili Hot acc. to GMP hot chilli