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Meat industry

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ID Product name Dosage Intended use Dominant flavour
202480 Cranberry Flavour 0.15 to 0.6% alcoholic drinks, jellies, ice creams, desserts, meat products
570.001 Butter Flavour up to 0.37 % baking and confectionery products, dairy, meat products, soups, sauces, ready dishes
206303 Goose Meat Flavour 0,075% pates, roast meats, sauces
E1202 Garlic Flavour acc. to GMP meat produts, dairy, bakery, soups, ready dishes
ID Product name Dosage Intended use Dominant flavour
209045 Liquid Paprika Extract acc. to GMP
0166 Allspice Extract acc. to GMP
Diletto 0003 Black Pepper Extract 1:2 - 1:4
Diletto 0004 White Pepper Extract 1:3 - 1:4
0092 Chilli Pepper Extract Strong acc. to GMP
0088 Marjoram Extract acc. to GMP
E1048 Bay Leaf Extract acc. to GMP
0086 Dill Extract acc. to GMP
E1205 Coriander Extract acc. to GMP
Diletto 0006 Cumin Extract 1:4
E1201 Juniper Extract acc. to GMP
E1204 Ginger Extract acc. to GMP
Diletto 0005 Nutmeg Extract 1:4
E1203 Ground Nutmeg Extract acc. to GMP
ID Product name Dosage Intended use Dominant flavour
0096 Ground Allspice
208000 Chive Tubes
5053 Rosemary Herb
0224 Dried Tomato Powder
0094 Herb Pepper Blend
0179 Ster. Crushed Green Pepper
207164 Ground Black Pepper L.1
GWP23591 Ground White Pepper
1228 Sweet Paprika
1711 Chilli Paprika Asta 120
201704 Red Paprika Powder Natural Sweet 120/140 Asta
1216 Parsley
MAJ22791 Dried Marjoram
0143 Turmeric Powder
205092 Steam-Sterilised Dill
0018 Ground Coriander
0055 Ground Cumin
0098 Ground Juniper
0100 Sterilised Ground Mustard
0161 Nutmeg Powder
0048 Dried Ground Garlic
0538 Wild Garlic
0038 Horseradish Powder
CRC73591 Chilli Flakes 3-4 mm
0111 Sterilised Ground Chilli
0017 Ground Onion
Decor spices
ID Product name Dosage Intended use Dominant flavour
1227 Spring Decor
1219 Country-Style Decor
1298 Shooter’s Decor
201858 Knight’s Decor
208635 Pepper Decor 2×2
210966 Pastrami Decor
0274 Paprika Decor
1202 Carter’s Decor
1210 Decorative Decor
1250 Onion Decor
5840 Garlic Mix
5839 Onion Mix
212366 Tuscany Mix
205412 Bruschetta