Food is much more than eatables. It is a passion that enriches our every day, body and mind in many ways. It brings people and cultures together; past and present. It facilitates relationships and satisfies the need for discovery. It stimulates our senses. At Libra, we support our business partners to ensure that the food they produce appeals to all senses and responds to global trends and local tastes of their customers – with better taste, aroma, texture, nutritional values and appearance.

We are a modern company, but we have a certain old-fashioned, charming feature. We want to feed everyone well! Like our grandmothers when they cooked dinner for the whole family. We want everyone to find delicious, healthy food on the table, the one they like the most. With passion and love we create our products: we try, improve and add spices. We treat the needs of each client individually, with full understanding and commitment. In addition, we offer you all our knowledge, experience and technology, so we are sure that we create food projects for you exactly as your customers want.

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