What kind of baked goods for the time of COVID-19?

Wheat Fiber WF

Global crisis caused by coronavirus makes us all face new challenges every day. Providing constant and safe food supplies is now essential. We are looking for flexible solutions to support our clients in this difficult time.

Consumers changed their purchasing habits – they are looking for long-term foods. To meet their expectations, we offer you fibers that provide and extend the feeling of freshness in your baked goods:

  • Wheat Fiber WF90
  • Wheat Fiber WF200

Wheat Fiber benefits in wheat, mixed and semi-sweet bread.

  • 1.5-2.5% dosage in relations to flour
  • Providing and extending the feeling of freshness in the product
  • Increasing the yield
  • Lower production loss
  • Free from off-tastes and flavours
  • Possible declaration – source of fiber
  • Natural product
  • Increasing the volume of the final product

Our technologists are at your disposal all the time to answer your questions and help you adapt the solutions remotely.

You can count on our support in this difficult time!