Epidemiological safety procedures

Dear Sirs,

A difficult situation caused by COVID-19 epidemic is a significant challenge for all of us. As a production company we realize we are a pivotal link in the supply chain that connects domestic and foreign food producers with international raw materials suppliers. In order to intensify safety and counteract the effects of the epidemic, and thus maintain continuity of the supplies to our clients, we implemented epidemic safety procedures and took appropriate actions in the whole area of Libra Polska Sp. z o.o. facility. The mentioned procedures and actions include:

  • Implementation of remote working, i.e. home office.
  • Ban on shows for the clients and clients’ visits – before the official statement from the government.
  • Complete ban on visiting the facility, including meetings with third parties in the offices (an appointed team is to decide on revoking the ban which may last longer than the crisis in Poland itself).
  • Implementation of a special procedure for loading and unloading of goods (including one vehicle in the area of the facility, the driver must not leave the vehicle until he or she is asked to open the trailer, then returns to the vehicle, ban on shaking hands, ban on signing the documents with a pen from our company, ban on additional discussions. The distance between our worker and the driver must be kept at a minimum of 3 meters and the documents must be transferred by the postbox).
  • Additionally, the warehouse workers are equipped with:
    • protective mask,
    • protective helmet,
    • protective gloves,
    • hands and gloves sanitizers,
    • access to warm water (order to drink warm water after each load/unload).
  • Number of points with access to hands sanitizers increased.
  • Rise in standards of wearing personal protective equipment such as masks, gloves, helmets, for the duration of epidemic.
  • Production workers divided into two shifts. The shifts are constant (the employees assigned constantly to the same shift). Between the shifts there is a half an hour break to avoid employees meeting in the changing room.
  • Implementation of the rule for lunch breaks, consisting in 3 people eating simultaneously at 1.5 meters distance from each other.
  • Rise in standards of cleaning and disinfection of production areas and offices. Now, every surface that can be touched by any employee, is disinfected 4 times a day.
  • Implementation of employees’ health control procedure consisting in a survey and measuring the body temperature (in case of reporting the symptoms).
  • Implementation of new sanitary instructions, such as: wearing masks and helmets (also cleaning and disinfecting helmets) and instructions for hands disinfection.
  • Training courses for the employees in terms of counteractions that can be taken against coronavirus infections.
  • Everyday announcements on legal and epidemic news from our voivodeship to raise our employees’ knowledge.
  • Appointment of safety contact point (Plenipotentiary for Quality Management System) who is responsible for contacting local Sanitary-Epidemiological Station in order to check quarantine cases from our area and risk assessment. Awareness promotion, constant rules dissemination, control over the number of disinfectants.
  • Plenipotentiary is also responsible for alert procedures implementation once they are informed about the quarantine ordered for any of the employees or appropriate procedures implementation in case of coronavirus symptoms reported by any employee, including the reporting it for supervision (such case has not happened yet, but the procedure and the telephone list is confirmed by the Alarm Points in our voivodeship). For the time of epidemic the procedure of sampling for Quality Department has been changed in order to prevent and restrict contact with other departments’ workers.
  • Everyday control over following the implemented rules.