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Trend of good taste

Libra Poland is a producer of spices and functional additives in many food industry businesses: meat, bakery, confectionery, fish and dairy products.
We are a Polish company – a reliable business partner. Our production plants are located in Poland and we distribute our products globally.
We have a modern R&D and machine park at our disposal. In addition to products of great quality, we offer professional counselling by our specialists at every stage of your project: from the idea, through production and to sale.

First steps towards good taste

Creating the Libra Poland brand, we brought the best practices and latest technology of the meat industry to Poland.
We created the foundation which was then expanded and allowed us to enter the international market.
We recognise the importance of trust and experience. Therefore, we would like to share the highlights of our company history.

Jacek Bednarek, Grzegorz Bednarek
Management Board


2001 r.

– establishment of the Libra Poland brand and sale in Poland

2006 r.

– expansion of the brand to foreign markets: Russia, Ukraine, Germany

– the first Business Gazelle award

2008 r.

– launch of a new production plant

2010 r.

– establishment of a modern laboratory

– BRC certificate award

2014 r.

– Libra Poland along with Interfiber, Fabryka Aromatów, Lauta Carrageenans and Fiberk comprise food additive producers group Food Ingredients

2015 r.

– new brand image

– development of production technology

– establishment of cooperation with SGGW

2016 r.

– sales in 12 countries on 5 continents

– the ninth Business Gazelle award


– expansion of our offer by marketing and legislation support to our clients

– expansion of our offer by the bakery industry

The value pyramid

Client We advise our Client on how to improve profitability of products and how to sell them better, which in turn helps them achieve success.

Attitude We are open to everything which is new or different – we treat our surroundings as a source of inspiration, improvement and development.

Team We create a team of experts who share their knowledge, help and feel responsible for the results obtained by our Clients.

Company We represent the highest level of standards, processes and knowledge as we always strive to be the numer one advisor for our Clients.

We create trend of good taste

Libra in numbers

20 years
on the market
15 technological
advisers for clients
350 new
projects annually
We are on
4 continents

Our team is superb!

Your success is our success. Therefore, we spare no efforts for our knowledge and experience to support your business every day.
We have an experienced technological, sales, legislation and marketing team. Libra Poland means people with exceptional knowledge, which we share with you. We are getting better and better thanks to our openness and curiosity. We invite culinary practitioners and the biggest authorities to cooperation. Therefore, we can provide you with utmost professionalism, advisory services and the latest know-how.
We treat trips all around the world as the source of inspiration to determine directions of good taste.

Jacek Bednarek

Jacek Bednarek


At some point I realised that over one week I ran round the world twice to find the best raw material sources and technological novelties for our clients." Developing Libra ...więcej

Grzegorz Bednarek

Grzegorz Bednarek


"Safety is most important in the family." Creating Libra Poland, we knew that this is the only way to establish a strong and authentic brand. With pride, we can say that ...więcej

Justyna Mikusińska

Justyna Mikusińska

Attorney of the Management for Food Safety Systems

"I am with Libra almost from the beginning of its operation" For years, I have been witnessing the company growing systematically, winning new clients and entering new markets. ...więcej

Dariusz Papierz

Dariusz Papierz

Research and Development Department Manager

I like work where I am faced with challenges, I can create and discover new opportunities. Libra Poland satisfies all those three conditions. This satisfaction is fostered ...więcej

Magdalena Mastalerz

Magdalena Mastalerz

Regional Sales Director

I have been working in Libra Poland since its very beginning, so I feel very bonded with it. Working in a company which after so many years still gives me opportunities to ...więcej

Jacek Mazur

Jacek Mazur

Main Technologist

"Designate, manage, create – Panflavour" 11 years of working in Libra Poland allowed me to taste countless numbers of flavours. Such vast experiences enabled me to create ...więcej

Agnieszka Rosiczka-Karwowska

Agnieszka Rosiczka-Karwowska

Marketing Department Manager

Work which constantly gives me opportunities for gaining experience with a team open to challenges are features which I am looking for when applying for a job. Independent ...więcej

Kamil Bojko

Kamil Bojko

Culinary Advisor

In Libra Poland, I am responsible for presenting and using spice mixtures produced by the company. I am a culinary patriot and so I think that the Polish cuisine is one of ...więcej

Artur Chlibiuk

Artur Chlibiuk

Storehouse Manager

Reliability and logistics are key components of an effective forwarding process. For 6 years I have been taking care of efficient loading and unloading of goods in Libra Poland. ...więcej

Piotr Bentyn

Piotr Bentyn

Production Specialist

My task in Libra Poland is to build relations. I create a team which has to have a strong spirit and be ready for challenges. Through mutual trust built on joint responsibility ...więcej

Tomasz Cichocki

Tomasz Cichocki


I have always dreamt of travelling around the world. I am making the dream come true with Libra Poland! I am a person who is regarded as reliable in the company. I can find ...więcej

Milena Zwierz

Milena Zwierz


Working in Libra Poland taught me adapting to changing surroundings and new people. I realised that in order to be a reliable and trusted advisor in my area, I have to develop ...więcej